Want to sell your property while avoiding the hassle, stress, and expense associated with doing it the “traditional” ways?

Offer Now USA helps turn real estate problems into real estate solutionsand we do it by creating win-win-win situations for property owners who lack the time, money, or resources to handle everything on their own.
Selling a property often involves being fully committed to a process that’s both costly and time-consuming. Offer Now USA eliminates the stress and the challenges that inevitably arise with most property sales.

When hiring a real estate broker to sell your property on the open market, be prepared to dedicate your time and resources toward keeping your property in “showing-ready” condition every day until it sells. Offer Now USA will make an offer on your property without ever asking you to put any of your own money or time into repairs, cleaning, or landscaping — and you can stay in your property for up to 30 days after closing so you can find your new home with minimal stress (conditions apply).

Even when you locate a buyer who can purchase your property, any one of dozens of things can go wrong with the sale up to (and including) the day of closing…inspection reports can scare away buyers, the buyer’s financing can fall through, title issues can show up unexpectedly, freak storms can cause major damage to the property…and the list doesn’t end there. On top of that, real estate transactions involve dozens of people representing various interests…any one of them can be the reason the sale falls through (while you’re left scrambling at the last minute.)

Offer Now USA minimizes the risks that come along with putting your property on the market and simply “waiting for a buyer.” Unfortunately, the longer you have to wait until Closing Day means increased chances that something could happen to jeopardize your sale. It is in your best interest to minimize your risk of exposure and maximize your chances of a quick closing.

During periods where the market is “hot” and homes sell quickly, many people elect to sell By Owner (“FSBO”) as it eliminates paying a real estate commission of 6%-7% of the sale price…however, selling By Owner isn’t as quick, convenient, or as financially-beneficial as it seems.

Working with Offer Now USA gives you the best of both worlds: you’ll receive a fair and competitive offer for your home within 3-7 days, your offer from us comes with no strings attached, and you will never pay us a penny in real estate commissions. We offer simple and fast solutions ideal for anyone who lacks time, money, resources, or real estate knowledge to “go it alone.”

Cash Offer Today

You will receive a cash offer at or close to Fair Market Value

Your closing costs will be 100% paid by us — you pay nothing

You will be able to verify the funds with our bank so you know we’re for real

Closing Scheduled

Your closing will be scheduled as soon as you agree to work with us

Your paperwork will all be handled by us

Your lender and title company will also be handled 100% by us

Close in as little as 7 days

You will be paid in full on the day of closing (if you have equity)

You can stay in your property for up to 30 days after closing (conditions apply)

You can move on with peace-of-mind

Compare your options For Sale by Owner Real Estate Broker
Repairs required?NoYesYes
Clean-up required?NoYesYes
Painting required?NoYesYes
Staging required?NoYesYes
Landscaping required?NoYesYes
For Sale sign required?NoYesYes
Showings required?NoYesYes
Home inspections required?NoYesYes
Appraisal required?NoUsuallyUsually
Termite report required?NoUsuallyUsually
Commission paid by sellerNo2.7 - 3% f sale price6 - 7% of sale price
Closing costs paid by sellerNo1-3% of sales price1-3% of sales price
Buyer likely funding sourceOur own fundsBank LoanBank Loan
Required property conditionAs-Is Showing ReadyShowing Ready
How long to find a buyer?We can make you an OFFER NOW!4-6 Months3-4 Months
Days from accepted offer until you have money in-handIn as little as 7 days!Usually 30-90 DaysUsually 30-90 Days
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