If you bought a fixer-upper with the intent of rehabbing it for a windfall of profits (only to realize you bit off more than you can chew), you’re not alone. This also applies to rental properties, where dealing with tenants and toilets can take its toll on your sanity and pocket book. If you’re feeling like you’re in over your head or are otherwise just tired of the ongoing hassles associated with your property, Offer Now USA can help you find a win-win solution.


Lack of money is a common occurrence in this economy, unfortunately…especially when job loss or an unexpected “bump in the road” happens. Are you having trouble making payments on your credit card bills, alimony, child support, medical bills, past-due loan payments, or student loans? Offer Now USA can help you regardless of your financial situation so you can work towards getting your debt under control.


Unfortunately, human beings are susceptible to illness…and where there’s illness, medical bills are often not far behind. On top of that, illnesses often make it hard to stay on top of property maintenance and repairs, which can cost owners their hard-earned equity. Medical bills add up quickly, especially when insurance is unable (or unwilling) to pay for necessary treatments. Offer Now USA can help take the pressure off of owning, maintaining, and repairing your property so you can focus on your health and wellness with more peace of mind.


When not properly-maintained, properties break down, decay, and fall into a state of disrepair. If you have renters, you know the meaning of the phrase “property damage.” When property damage gets to be too much to handle, many people feel overwhelmed and are unsure of where to start. Offer Now USA can make you an offer on your property, regardless of how much damage has been sustained.



Mother nature, bad luck, and Murphy’s Law all unfortunately contribute to property damage. Sometimes, that property damage is either too cumbersome or too expensive to repair…especially when insurance claims are delayed, partially-approved, or denied completely. Offer Now USA purchases properties in all conditions and can make you a cash offer regardless of your property’s condition.


When a loved one passes away, oftentimes the surviving family members and heirs find themselves in control of a property they either do not want or otherwise cannot maintain. If you live in another city, state, or country from the property, problems compound from lack of convenient access to the property. Offer Now USA can make you a cash offer and close quickly so the estate isn’t tied up in Probate for 6-12 months or more due to unsold real estate.


Dividing up property during or after a divorce is a frustrating, often heart-wrenching process…especially when emotions are flying. When the flame is gone and real estate remains, Offer Now USA can help you sell your property quickly so you can get closure and move on with your life.