Apartment Buildings

Being a landlord is an incredible responsibility, and we commend those who have taken on the commitment to managing so much under one roof. Offer Now USA has many investors who are eager to spend the time, money and resources to make this transition a win for you and for your tenants.


We primarily purchase land within city limits in growing areas, though we can purchase all types of land including farm land, hunting land, agricultural land/orchards, lots in the city, lots in the country, and everything in between. If you have land you can’t afford or don’t know what to do with, Offer Now USA can help.

Rental Properties

We buy vacation properties, on- and off-campus rentals, duplexes/triplexes and properties with up to 4 units, and even mobile home parks. If you have current tenants, don’t worry… we will transfer their lease agreements and help ensure they have plenty of time to find a new residence before we start repairs. Your tenants can continue to live in their home uninterrupted. We at Offer Now USA want what is best for everyone.

Single Family Homes

Do you have a single-level home on a quiet street, a multi-story home in a vibrant and growing area, a condo, or a townhome you are looking to sell quickly? We can help you. Offer Now USA buys single-family homes in all price ranges, areas, and conditions — and yes, even if your property is outdated or needs extensive repairs. We’ve seen it all.